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Long-time friends and Berklee Alumni, Elik Álvarez and Juan Andrés Cammarano co-founded MusicMind Co. in 2010. Applying years of experience between the two and working closely with various production companies, editors, and executive producers (including Telemundo, BRAVO, HBO Max, Netflix, WarnerMedia 150, NFL 360, to name a few) MusicMind Co. is not only referred to as a boutique music library but as a House of Composers bringing a collaborative, creative and unique experience to every project. With an irrefutable work history and a constantly growing team of talented individuals, MusicMind Co. continuously delivers at the highest standard.

Elik Alvarez

Elik Álvarez


Juan Cammarano

Juan Andrés Cammarano


Since 2010, MusicMind Co. has been an established House of Composers made up of experienced writers, musicians, artists and industry professionals. With a keen ear for detail and commitment to success, we pride ourselves on bringing your visual needs to life through our distinct approach.

Here at MusicMindCo., we connect and capture your artistic vision with our unique collection of tracks and custom-made compositions. Pairing 20+ years of experience while maintaining the human feel from beginning to end, we bring authentic flair to any project. With our bold approach and extensive expertise, we master the art of creating scores that fit the mood and feel of your project.