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  • All tracks must be finished and fully produced before submitting.
  • No illegal use of unlicensed samples.
  • Please DO NOT send music with sound effects that may interfere with a scene (i.e. Rainfall, Crickets, etc).
  • ONLY submit tracks that you are looking to sign with us.
  • Please DO NOT send ZIP files, we must be able to listen to all tracks without downloading anything.

  • Yes, you may. In fact, MusicMind encourages you to distribute your music so that if your tracks get placed in a prominent part of a show or film the general public can easily find your music outside of its placement.

  • Yes, as long as it meets the criteria below.
    • You CAN use your music on YouTube for:
      • Personal promotion purposes
      • Streaming your music
      • Your Music Videos
    • You CANNOT use your music on YouTube for:
      • Commercial purposes
      • Syncing with third parties

  • If you DO NOT own 100% of the master, publishing and/or the writer’s share of your song, all parties involved must give permission to MusicMind for the usage of the song by signing the agreement upon enrollment.

  • No, there is nothing you have to do on your end after you sign with MusicMind, we take care of it.

  • You can use the following link everytime you want to submit new music for consideration.
    **PLEASE do not email tracks to us directly, we only listen to and consider music sentthrough the submission form below.

  • All information and instructions regarding how to send your tracks and fill out the metadata will be provided after your music is approved and the enrollment process begins.
  • Please keep in mind that you should have the most prominent stems and submixes prepared before this step in the process.

  • When you sign a contract with us, we represent your tracks exclusively when it comes to SYNC. This means that you cannot give these tracks to any other music library, sync agency or license the tracks yourself during the length of your contract.

  • A “Representation Deal” is the type of agreement you enter with MusicMind Co. Once you enter into an agreement with Musicmind we will represent / collect 100% of the publishing’s share, and you will collect 100% of the writer’s share of whichever tracks you decide to include within the MusicMind Tracks Library.

  • Your Representation agreement will be for a duration of five (5) years with an automatic periodic renewal of three (3) years. If you wish to regain control and full publishing rights of all your tracks we need at least a 60 day notification before the agreement expires to ensure we have ample time to remove them from all platforms.

  • You can remove your music at the end of any term. To do so, you must notify us at least 2 month in advance before the end of your current term.

  • Once your music has been fully enrolled we will add it to our music library. If your music is suitable for the films, TV shows, Ads or any other projects we are working on, it will also be sent to those clients directly throughout the length of your agreement.

  • If your music gets placed (used by a client) the PRO and IPI information you provided during the enrollment process will recognize your shares and you will get paid royalties directly through your PRO.

  • If we license your track as a “one-off” individual license, we will split the license fee 50/50 with you.